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Bent Publishing can help you leave your mark on the world. Think about all the ways our publishing distribution service can help you get your message out there by self publishing a book. Our company offers publishing services, editing, marketing, advertising, ghostwriting services, e-book publishing, audio production, ISBN numbers, catalog numbers, and bar-codes, as well as copyrighting services and distribution to help you produce a high quality professional self published book. Our top notch services give you the peace of mind to know your book can contend with the quality of any other book in the marketplace. We offer all the above services to independent clients, including but not limited to, sales representation across the board. Your product will receive the fullest opportunities for possible distribution. Here at Bent publishing we support all our clients, and the client’s product while introducing it to emerging markets, such as Barnes and noble.com, Amazon.com, as well as other major bookstores. We also offer our clients e-book services; ask about our specials on this service. As a publishing company, we can convert your book to the appropriate format; our digital team will make sure your digital book has the best possible design. The team here at Bent publishing will be dedicated to managing the best possible production process for all our clients. We have a range of services and publishing packages to meet your needs. We offer all our clients one on one support during the publishing process.

  • Confidentiality- Is very important to us and our clients. Our confidentiality agreements are very straight forward and simple. This form is used for those who wish to disclose information that you wish to be kept secret to another individual.
  • You, the author of the written work is in control of the entire process when publishing with Bent publishing.
  • For the actual book.
  • For the design of the cover, what you wish to be written on the interior.
  • The format of your book whether you wish to have your manuscript written in playwright form, or in basic manuscript.
  • The rest we can do for you prepare your e-book, pamphlet, brochure, website, and other media sources.
  • Online retailing and access to global distribution channels.


Ghostwriting Services

Bent publishing offers full service to all our clients. Our ghostwriting team is always on call, and will provide you with quality book planning service; whether you want a book written from scratch or creating a whole new piece of writing to an already existing manuscript, the price varies depending upon the length and quality of the finished product. We can bring your story to life. If your book is a business book, fiction book, a memoir, nonfiction, or a cookbook sharing grandma's recipe, there is no limit to what our ghostwriting team can do. We will handle everything for you, which include the book interior and layout. We handle all aspects of production stage by stage. Your book will be produced in 60 to 90 days guaranteed. No-one in the industry offers quality service like we do or as quickly, your book will be ready for bookshelves in major bookstores, and e-book publishing if that's what you desire. You’ll also be able to purchase copies of your book for family and friends. Our ghostwriter team can produce the manuscript based on phone interviews with you as well as any material you choose to provide. Call us for price inquiries.

  • Our ghostwriters are prepared to write for you. We handle writing nonfiction autobiographies and memoirs, how-to books, erotic books, LGBT books, western books, inspirational books, and articles based on the information you provide, cookbooks, diet guides, stories children or adult, and outlines for a book.
  • We write fiction, mystery fiction, teen fiction, detective fiction, and series using the protagonist of our clients’ choice.
  • Bent publishing ghostwriters can handle any genre you decide you want your book written in including religion books such as a book of scriptures, book based on affirmation, book that provide meaning and purpose to the author and the reader. Books that help your readers evoke a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Academic books based on years of your research we can help you develop your findings into a book.
  • Music books for those of our clients who compose music, and want to share it with the world. Our ghostwriters also write lyrics for music artist pop, hip hop, rock, soul, etc……. there is no genre we can’t handle. Let Bent publishing team of ghostwriters write your book for you.


Book Cover Art Service

Bent publishing book cover art service is one of the most important aspects of the publishing process. Our team of book designers will create beautiful, stylish book covers for your book, beautiful typeset pages, layout design, and illustrations. We create book covers for all genres such as motivational, Christian, yearbooks, religious books, romance, thrillers, mystery, sci-fi, historical, fantasy, poetry, biography, crime fiction, memoirs, comedy, mythology, horror, there is no style or color out of bound. We design hardback books with jackets, Adhesive covers, Custom End Paper, Foil Emboss Paper, and Reliable Press Ready Files. Stand out from the rest and sell more books. You can choose from multiple variations, get one on one advice from professional who know the process, e Book designs are also available. You choose the color palette for your book.

Sample Book Cover Art:

Advertising Service

Bent publishing helps our client's build a platform by getting their work in front of the eyes of millions of readers. We offer our service to help our clients advertise their book on social media sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Snap chat, Instagram, and many more sites. Our team will also provide the service of creating a Prlog press release announcing to the world that your book exists, and where to purchase it. We provide our clients the unique service setting you up on the proper sites to blog about your book.

  • You will learn how to tweet about your book from our professional team.
  • We also have packages to advertise your book by using book trailers it’s like having a live   movie trailer. We will help you set the tone for your book through a book trailer. This will be a visual representation of what you story is all about, meanwhile gaining the attention you’ll need to push sells.
  • You can also ask about our service to involve the readers. Ask your fan base to send in pictures of them holding your new book, and our representative will pen them on your social media site of your choice. We have a service to help you get the ball rolling.
  • We’ll help you write an attention grabbing press release of your book to encourage sales of your book.
  • Our team is also available to help you set up giveaways on social media or at the book signings of your choice, ask our representative about this special service.
  • If your book is a children’s fiction book, history book, or educational book we are available to help you set up schedules to give talks at schools, colleges, universities of your choice.
  • If you don’t want to charge full price we can help you set up a $ 0.99 cent sale.
  • We also offer the service to set up a podcast for your book. Just ask our representative about this service.
  • With our media connection we are also available to help you giveaway book via the radio, we’ll also run contests or giveaways for your book from websites.
  • If YouTube is the way you would like to advertise, we can set you up with a series of YouTube videos where you would sit and read to your audience of readers this is a great way to get the word out.



Audio Book Production Service

Bent publishing distribution service knows how expensive audio production of a book can be, but in the end it's all worth it to have your dream of being published come true. We can help you create a custom recording to share with your listening audience and family and friends. It's a fact the sales of audio books have sky-rocked over last ten years. Our team of professionals will walk you through the whole process step by step. We offer the following services to all our clients voice-over, audio editing, required mixing, software mastering, Our clients are also offered the luxury of networking with numerous studio's by partnering with us to help you get your message out there in front of millions of potential listeners. The revenues you generate from the sales of your audio book on sites like Amazon,i Tunes, Audible is how you get your book in front of the masses. We work closely with our clients to capture the sound they're looking for while setting the tone for the book. If you are looking for a creative team of professionals who understand your dream, we are here to service you with audio recording and engineering, audio post production, audio mixing, audio editing, audio book and pod production, and audio composition. We understand the art and science of audio book production.

Sale your published book through retailers, library providers, and distribution:


Copyright Service

Bent publishing will assure you the protection for your books, fiction, and nonfiction, audio productions, illustrations, poetry, designs, images, recipes, lyrics, photographs, blog, advertising and marketing material, and much more. We get copyright protection for your artistic works, and any original work you want published or produced. Your copyright will be registered in the United States and internationally this will assure you the protection needed stopping people from stealing or copying your work around the world. We will provide you with everything you need.


ISBN & Barcodes Service

We provide ISBN numbers, and barcode numbers for your new book and e book. ISBN number identifies your book and products related to your book. An ISBN number makes it easier to locate your book, because there are so many books that have similar titles, with your ISBN number all bookstores and people searching for your book online makes it so much easier to find. Here at Bent publishing we will make sure your book has the correct exterior, because once an ISBN number has been assigned to your book it cannot be re-used, and bookstores will not carry your book without an ISBN number or barcode.

Sample ISBN number:


Our special package include a unique ISBN assignment, we have a basic, enhanced, and premium package price for this service. Author/ owner retain all ownership and copyrights to their work, and barcode image with retail price options.


Book Signing Service

As a new author in the publishing game it’s all about making public appearances, and getting the word out about your new book. Our team here at Bent publishing will help you line up a full roster of book signings at local bookstores, and other locations. It's extremely important to pass out fliers, and excepts of your book, as well as book markers with a short synopsis about what the book is about, or if you plan on selling mugs or other memorabilia with your book advertised on it, its all about your new book and letting the world know it exist. Whether your book is an audio produced book, a cookbook, your personal memoir, or a paperback edition of what you think is the next New York Times bestseller Bent publishing can help you set the stage by coordinating your book signing schedule, Our team will help with promotions, as well as build awareness for your book signing, we also offer services to help you prepare for your scheduled signing, just ask us about more details about this service. Bent publishing also have the service of helping our clients set up promotional giveaways to boost your customer morale, and visual awareness that your book exists after all its about reaching out to the public

Sample Book Signing Package:


Custom Made Merchandise Service

Advertising your new book with a calendar, custom made t-shirts, or signature toys is the mouthwatering bait you'll need to rake in the big bucks, your children's books, cookbook cover on a t-shirt will generate a loyal following. This service is also available through Bent publishing. Make power moves today as a new author with the products backing your message, you can really make a statement. Here at Bent publishing our experienced team will help you get the merchandise produced as quickly as possible so that it will be remembered at book fairs, book signings, and as a great conversation piece with book club members. If posters is the way you want to go we have a service that can help you advertise your book posters and more, at Bent publishing we have what you're looking for. We produce the best products, and every item is on demand, we handle our clients with 100% care, just pick the sizes you want, and color, our customized art will fit your needs, we can print and ship almost anything you visualize, book cover, vinyl banners can make a statement indoor or outdoor in all sizes, you can customize your product full color banners, banner stands, table covers, fabric flags for inquires speak to our representative.

Standard Banner available in all sizes and colors call for pricing.


Bent Publishing Custom Products

We also carry bumper stickers to help promote your work, you create the saying and we will produce the desired result all colors and sizes available. 

Bent publishing also carries fabric flags in all sizes and colors call for inquires.

We create custom calendars, mugs, pens and so much more!

Custom t-shirts to advertise your book and your product we carry these in all colors and sizes.


Website Design Service

Our experienced web design team here at Bent publishing will create beautiful bold themes for your custom Advertising your new book with a calendar, custom made t-shirts, or signature toys are the designed pages to suit your product. Thinking about doubling your revenue in 2017, we're here to help build your customized designed website to help you generate a continual flow of new customer to purchase whatever you would like to market on your customized page. Whether you'd like a personal website, business website, or just a website to advertise and promote products like t-shirts, calendar’s or your newly published book, our webmasters can build you a website for all device sizes, it’s important to have a beautifully designed website to attract site traffic. Capture the attention of potential new customers easy. Call representative for price inquires.

Web design for products.

Web design for real estate.

Web design for author’s books or for your bookstore.


Publishing Distribution Service

Global distribution of your book or e-book is what we aim to do at Bent publishing. Our team of professional's is here to make sure your book or e-book is distributed to all the correct places in the marketplace. After all distribution is the key ingredient once your book is a finished product, let us help you place your book in bookstores, online, for possible purchase by over 10,000 libraries around the world, and by over 50,000 bookstores including Baker & Taylor the largest book distributor in the marketplace. We will help your book demand increase worldwide. It's all about making your book and products available; we can certainly improve your distribution arrangements. As a publishing distribution service we will help you build your audience.

  • We will help you get your published book into bookstores, online stores and in the hands of retailers all around the globe.
  • Get your book cataloged with other titles similar to yours.
  • Our team will make sure your book is available for the customer to purchase visually online and front in center in local book stores where you will have your book signings.
  • Our sales representatives will solicit orders from libraries, bookstores, magazine stands, airports, and many other retailers that carry books or your products like t-shirts, mugs, pens, calendars and much more.

         Here at Bent publishing we will put our customer service skills to good use for you.

Book Printing Service

Bent publishing makes printing easy, and affordable all you have to do is pick the size, the color, and quantity of your order. Just tell us the kind of printing service you need, and our professional team can handle it for you. There is no limit to what we here at Bent publishing can do, pamphlets, fliers, manuals, printing and copy service, presentations, and more. We are here to help you attract the right kind of attention to our creative service, finishing and binding service, data service, direct marketing service, mailing services, mobile marketing, and integrated marketing is one of the many reasons why we are different from other printers. You are just one step away from leaving that lasting first impression. You decide your trim size, binding style, paper stock and we will do the rest. With your book cover file, the ISBN number of the book covers, and the book interior, we create the electronic proofs to review your book before your book files go to print. Whether your book is a self published book, an e-Book, or print on demand, we can help you get the ball rollin.

  • We have instant price quotes on your printing job just call for inquires, and can fill any size bulk order; there are no hidden charges when using our services. We keep our publishing package prices at a minimum.

      Bent Publishing Custom Mobile Apps

      In the age of technology Bent publishing has come up with a service to help you advertise and sell your books via mobile application. Our apps will allow you to perform specific task when it comes to meeting your needs. Our software is developed for handheld devices like personal digital assistance, enterprise digital assistance, and mobile phones, and all handheld devices. You can download your app on android, as well as any mobile device. We create custom apps to meet all of your mobile or handheld device needs like book apps for iPad our mobile custom apps to beautiful books, after creating your book app you can open it on Google Play Books, iBooks, Kindle Book Reader, and much more we have top rated app developers here at Bent Publishing call for pricing.