About Us

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal:

it is the courage to continue that counts. "


James Hickman is the modern-day success story. After spending most of his youth and adult life in and out of mental institutions, group homes, juvenile prison and adult correctional facilities throughout the midwest, James made the decision to change. Through positive actions and discipline, he shed his negative self-image allowing him to break free from structure & limitations. James became motivated to think outside the box with foresight while envisioning the future and from that moment on his life has been moving on an opposite path. He has gone on to become a publisher, national best-selling author, CEO, motivational speaker, documentary film maker, entrepreneur & visionary.


He achieved success by his own efforts all while creating successful business ventures turning his dreams into a reality by investing in himself through his own efforts. Risk taking capabilities, management skills, and strong leadership efforts has attributed to his success as an entrepreneur while working at his dream job of being the CEO of his own businesses. James Hickman has guided his actions in fulfilling his responsibilities to his public and the community, by his dedication to inspire people with deep commitment to the education of African America’s as well as to children and countries all around the world. His mission is to keep the dream alive and continue to build.


Bent Publishing is the education and social representative responsible for the pioneering of this new evolutionary educational movement of "Modern Learning through History”. Founded by Mr. Hickman in 2004, the company the company produces educational publications, trivia, and other unique media. From humble beginnings of limited pressings of publications to nationally distributed educational products, Bent Publishing has became an industry standard for excellence in educational and informative products alike. This growth and success has not gone unnoticed as Mr. Hickman was just recognized in October by the legendary media mogul Cathy Hughes as a 2016 African-American History Award Recipient.